I'm sure you were involved in the design of the watch that you wore on your expedition. Let us know what Panerai did to make the watch more functional.

The watch I wore had to be made from one block of metal. Because the material undergoes extreme cold compression, so you need to ensure that the entire watch compresses at a similar level. You could damage the watch if you do not. Normal watchmaking oils would have to be avoided as they could freeze. It needed to not only be a timekeeper,Rolex GMT-Master II Replica but also act as a compass. Compasses are not able to work at the poles so you will need your watch to determine the direction.

Is it hard to imagine living in such extreme conditions?

It's nearly 24 hours of daylight in summer. The temperature is -40 and the wind blows non-stop. The wind blows very loud. Although we don't see it that way, the poles are the air conditioners for the entire planet. They're already starting to fail. They'll cease working if we don’t take action. What happens if your air conditioner stops working when it is hot?

rolex replica, using skis, paraglides, and kite-surfs, crossed the South Pole by himself.

You have spoken out about how important it is to pay attention to Mankind's effect on the world. What makes you think we are so far away from taking action?

It really comes down to what people experience and see.Omega Deville Replica Watches Because most of us live in cities the effects of global warming and climate change are very distant from our lives. It's very different for me.Replica Rolex Cellini For example, in summer whales used go to Antarctica to feed on plankton and have calves. Global warming has led to more carbon being absorbed into the oceans, which is then absorbed by the plankton on the surface, which then releases oxygen.

The plankton can't absorb more carbon. They sink further into the ocean. The whales aren't getting enough food anymore. They aren't as likely to migrate to Antarctica now than they were in the past. Global warming is not something I just talk about when I look at the signs. It's something I see.